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I grew up in the wild country of northern Botswana, it remains an integral part of me. Born in 1990 and raised in the Okavango Delta, my first friend was Blackie the crocodile and I grudgingly owned my first pair of shoes at age 12. Boarding School took me from home and grew me up, later I qualified cum laude in Hospitality and Tourism. The urge to explore was strong and I haven’t looked back 5 continents and 48 countries later.

Travel is important. New experiences are new life.

I am part of a small team that owns and directs Earth Ark Travel, a Botswana based travel agency that sends intrepid souls on expeditions all over the African continent. We are a team of likeminded people striving to break the mould of conventional travel with ingenuity and creativity. We also love joining in on as many adventures as possible


Maun, Botswana will always be home but the globe is a big playground. I like to play: 

I did a 4 day solo hike through the Central African Rainforest. With a team I raced a Tuk Tuk 2700km across northern India to raise funds for Rhinos and Rainforests. With friends I walked for 4 days, unarmed and unsupported down the length of Chiefs Island in the heart of the Okavango Delta. I have sky dived, water rafted, bungee jumped, paraglided, free-dived, scuba-dived, big mountain skied, canoed, swam, ran and climbed my way through many challenges and adventures.

I am deeply passionate about the Natural World and all its inhabitants, Travel, Photography and Adventure.

I cannot wait for the next 30 years of life!

Join me on an instructive Photographic Journey to one of Africa's vivid destinations.


To any Human touting a camera, Africa offers a splendid abundance of opportunities. The key in taking advantage of these opportunities comes from inside knowledge and an understanding of the environment. This is where I can add value.

Photography is Art - Art is created to be shared. 

Should any of my images inspire you to own them, it will be my pleasure in sharing them with you and assisting you in production and printing.

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