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daniel crous

If you have made it this far, thank you again for taking an interest in my site and my work.

I sincerely appreciate it.

I am from Botswana, one of Africas prime safari destinations and home to some of the largest intact wild areas on Earth. My parents somehow raised me whilst managing safari camps in the early 90's, I believe I spent many a happy day strapped to the Housekeepers back as she worked through the tents. Maun became home at age 5 and this hasn't changed since. After completing Hotel School in South Africa I dedicated 8 years to work and travel in any and all of the globes interesting corners. My horizons have been suitably broadened. 

Though spending long periods away from the mother continent, I always gravitated back towards Africa, and knew that it is ultimately where my soul needs to be. Growing up in the wilderness, its inhabitants and the way in which they work become an intrinsic part of you. As I grew older, I gained greater understanding of the threats posed to the wilderness, and my life became increasingly centred around conservation and protection of these last wild areas.

I am a realist and we live in a real world, my belief is that untouched wilderness needs to have a value to someone in order for it to remain protected.

The clearest, least intrusive value that Africa's wilderness holds, is its ability to attract people from around the world to immerse themselves in it.

I am here to do two things through my work; take the wilderness to the world in the form of my photography and any inspiration it brings, and of course, bring the world to the wilderness by leading people in life changing experiences. Through this, I can contribute to the value of Africa's wilderness and its ultimate protection.  By setting foot on this continent or even smiling to yourself at an incredible image on Instagram you too are bringing value and conservation.

Photography has long been a burning passion, my Old Man gave me his Konica Minolta film camera at the age of 11, I proceeded to cost him a fortune in film. I truly believe in the ability of a photographer to capture something instantaneous, something impossible to describe or even see with the naked eye. This is what I aim to portray in my photographs, the telling of a long and detailed story of evolution in just one burst of colour, focus and light. There are many such stories to be told in the African bush, however, without the perfect combination of technicality, anticipation and understanding, many of them will be lost. This is where I can help, my long relationship with camera and the wild will bring your African experience to life and enable you to tell your own stories. I thoroughly enjoy leading someone to their perfect image, almost as much as I enjoy finding my own.  


  So thank you again for visiting, if you have gained a morsel of inspiration then we have created value


May our paths one day cross on the plains of Africa

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